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We are dedicated to handcrafting avarca sandals in Ciutadella de Menorca

About us

Avarcas Naturales de Menorca is a family-run business with over 30 years of experience in the handcrafting of Menorcan avarca sandals, made with high quality leather and recycled materials, respecting the environment and Menorca´s natural beauty. Contact our sales department for all the information you need about stocking our products in your store.
At Avarcas Naturales de Menorca our working philosophy is based on commitment, responsibility and dedication to everything that we do. Our staff will provide you with the courteous and respectful service our customers deserve, addressing any doubts, requirements and needs. We always work with our customers in mind.

Commitment to fashion

Avarcas Naturales de Menorca uses age-old shapes and designs so that our customers can enjoy original Menorcan avarca sandals, combined with some modern touches to keep up with the latest trends.

Quality materials

At Avarcas Naturales de Menorca we trust in our excellent products that meet the expectations of everyone who visits our stores and discovers our typical Menorcan footwear. The key to our success lies not only in the excellent work of our employees, but also in the selection of materials, always chosen with our customers in mind.

avarca de menorca

Fashionable traditional avarca sandals.